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Reach out to Stephanie if you need to access any resource that requires an access code.

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Training Information

New volunteers are required to complete 12 hours of training within their first 10 weeks. We’ve broken this down into 5 parts.

Current volunteers are welcome to participate in trainings offered by SABES, as well as a few Pathways trainings offered throughout the year.

Interview and overview
(1-2 hours)

(2-4 hours)

Volunteer 101 training
(4 hours)

Volunteer 102 training
(2 hours)

Online courses
(1-2+ hours)

Math Training Videos

For Math Tutors, there are some additional training materials. Feel free to watch the video and read the article, and write up a short response (1-2 paragraphs) to get 1 hour of online training credit for each topic, for a total of 5 hours if you complete all topics.

In addition to these videos, you can also read the Math Works! Guide if you are looking for additional tips and ideas for teaching math. I recommend skipping to the “Narrative Example” sections on pages 12-39 to read concrete classroom examples to illustrate each point and avoid reading the overly technical commentary around it.  

Communicating in Math Classrooms

Deepening Conceptual Understanding

Resisting the Temptation to be too Helpful

Scaffolding Adult Numeracy Lessons

Building Deeper Understanding of Decimal Numbers