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Our Team

Pathways is fortunate to have a passionate, talented team of gifted education and support professionals serving on our staff and board



President, Joseph Phillips

Vice President, Marjie Crosby

Secretary, Tania Lillak

Treasurer, Diana Moreno



Kat Lawlor

Bawa Wavezwa

Andrea Tish


Gina Frey

Thelma Riley

Josh Shepherd

English Teachers

Kim Wallace

ESOL Level 1 AM & PM
[email protected]

Melisa Tobasky

ESOL Level 1 AM [email protected]

Mary Cullin

ESOL Level 1 PM
[email protected]

Sarah Amour

ESOL 3 AM & PM [email protected]

Michelle Kalaw

ESOL Level 2 PM [email protected]

Christine Franceschelli

ESOL Level 4 AM [email protected]

Craig LaBastie

ESOL Level 2 AM [email protected]

Sarah Kay

ESOL Level 4 PM [email protected]

HiSet/GED Teachers

Germain Etienne

ABE 1 AM & PM [email protected]

Dan Bacon

ABE 2 AM & PM [email protected]

Robin Scott

ABE 3 AM and PM [email protected]

Benjamin Coronel

HiSet in Spanish & Advisor [email protected]

Student Support Services

Josh Shepherd

Director of Student Services [email protected]

Quendia Martinez

Fatima ElHali

Educational Leadership & Support Staff

Josh Shepherd

Executive Director [email protected]

Sarah Hesch

Angela Harrison

Director of Education [email protected]

Alecia Ortiz

Front Desk [email protected]

Juana Perez

Business Manager [email protected]

Lizette Argueta

Administrative Assistant [email protected]

Donna Ramsay

Data Specialist [email protected]