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Quendia's Story

Quendia came to the US 15 years ago, alone, in search of a better economic future. She had finished her certificate in Business Administration in Guatemala but had no job prospects and couldn’t afford more training.

She travelled over land to the US and joined an aunt and cousins living in Lynn. When she first arrived, she had to find work. She wanted to study and learn English, but she couldn’t afford the time.

“We have to make a choice between learning English and working. I know learning English is the most important thing to do when you arrive in the US, but I couldn’t do it right away.”

Quendia joined Pathways in 2008 and attended ESOL classes until the birth of her son. She stopped to care for him but once he was school age, she came back to Pathways to complete her education.

Last year she completed ESOL Level 4 and, with the help of Pathways advisors, applied to a Bookkeeping certificate course at North Shore Community College. Having completed the certificate program, Quendia now works at Pathways as an Advisor, helping students overcome barriers to their education and plan for the future.

She is proud of the hard work she has put in and is excited to be a part of positive change in the lives of Pathways students.

“Pathways gave me the support and information I needed to succeed and move forward in my life,” Quendia says.